How to program/code in Python



Python for Everybody

By Dr. Charles Severance

Price: Free

Time: 10 Hours

Concepts:  This course is provided for free with permission from Dr. Charles Severance. This course is a beginners course on Python and is suitable for all learners regardless of age or previous experience. We cover Chapters 1-10 of the textbook "Python for Everybody". You will learn the basics of procedural programming and how to use simple data structures to solve simple data analysis problems. This course serves as an excellent gateway for other introductory or more advanced programming courses. 

The course features a number of interactive exercises that allow the student to write Python programs in the browser. This course can be completed without any additional required software so it is well suited for students using computers at school or in a computer lab.  

This course does not require you to install Python as all of the programming assignments can be completed in a browser. Students can take this course from a tablet computer, or on a public computer.  We hope students who have their own computer will install Python and learn how to program on their own computer - but this is not required. 

Optional: Install Python

Setting up the PythonLearn Environment in Microsoft Windows

Setting up the PythonLearn Environment in Macintosh

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