Computer Networks


Intro to Computer Networks

Time: 1 Hour

Author: Lawrence King

What is a computer network? We will look at different types of networks, network hardware.,cabling, and wireless networks. We will also cover network protocols and topologies, the OSI Model, routing and data communications.

This tutorial is designed to give a beginner some basic information about computer networks. We will be discussing how to design computer networks, the components involved in computer networks and how data is routed across networks. This is a quick crash course in computer networking.

CompTIA Network + Certification Training

Time: 3 hours 45 minutes

Author: PowerCert Animated videos

This video will help you prepare for the CompTIA Network + certification from CompTIA.


Time: 5 hours

Author: Lawrence King

This is a in depth look at the TCP/IP protocol. We will discuss IPV4 and IPv6. We will discuss subnetting, TCP and UDP ports. We will cover DNS, DHCP and how IP routing works. This course includes both text and video content.

Microsoft MTA Networking Fundamentals 98-366

Time: 7 Hours

Author: Microsoft

In this course you will learn to understand computer network topologies, protocols and concepts. You will learn about VPNs, security concepts, the OSI model, how firewalls work and basic IP subnetting.

After the videos there will be a link to some flash cards to help reinforce what was learned. There will also be a practice exam. At the end there is a link to sign up for your Microsoft MTA exam and earn your certification.