Microsoft Security Fundamentals - MTA 98-367

With this Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) security fundamentals course, you can prepare for MTA Exam 98-367. Build an understanding of security layers, operating system security, network security, and security software. This IT security training course leverages Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) material for this exam.   

The video course is provided by Microsoft. The concepts covered in the course are as follows

1. Understanding of Security Layers

2. Understanding Operating System Security

3. Security Policies

4. Network Security

5. Software Security

6.  Windows Security & Forensics 

7. Windows Memory Attacks and Forensics 

8. Windows Authentication Attacks and Forensics 

9.  Windows Forensics 

10. Network Forensics 

11. Malware Incident Response 

12. Practice Exam and registration for Certification Exam

At the end of this course there is an online practice exam available and a link to sign up and register for your exam to obtain your MTA 98-367 credential.

Part 1. Understanding Security Layers

Part 2. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

Part 3. Security Policies

Part 4. Network Security

Part 5. Protecting the Server and Client

Part 6. Windows Security & Forensics

Part 7. Windows Memory Attacks and Forensics

Part 8. Windows Authentication Attacks and Forensics

Part 9.  Windows Forensics

Part 10. Network Forensics

Part 11. Malware Incident Response

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