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 As the number of security incidents is constantly on the rise security professionals need to adopt technologies that will help them accelerate and simplify the response process.
The problem is that adopting many point solutions that are sometimes complicated and most of the time not integrated into your current workflows and procedures is costly and complicated.
WireX Systems is shifting the paradigm in incident response with a solution that enables every team member to conduct faster, better investigations, while chopping-down data retention costs. The company’s Contextual Capture™ technology provides immediate context into security alerts, delivering months of in-depth visibility to the world largest organizations. By up-leveling skills and creating workflows for knowledge sharing, the solution empowers the entire security team to handle more threats in significantly less time, using the existing tools already deployed, thus maximizing security operations ROI.
Main value proposition:

  • Reduce the average investigation time from hours and days to minutes.
  • Empower the entire security team, not just top experts, to quickly validate threats, handle more complex investigations and resolve them quickly and effectively. 
  • Have a centralized console of analytics instead of needing to lookup log data from dozens of different sources and correlate them into a coherent list.
  • Avoid the challenges of recruiting a big team of highly skilled (and expensive) people.
  • Turn existing personnel (even entry level) into experienced analysts using WireX Systems as a knowledge sharing framework.
  • Overcome challenges of geographically distributed resources due to talent’s availability.
  • Gain unparalleled in-depth visibility into proprietary legacy protocols like Epic Cache – at NO COST
  • Mitigate risk: WireX accelerates incident response processes and therefore shrinks the scale of potential breaches and reduces exposure to business risks.